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Ignite is an Industrial operator providing full range of services in the sphere of Mechanical/Elecrtial Engineering worldwide!

As of today's position, it has completed most of its R&D studies and has become able to produce the concepts it has revealed according to different machine structures.

At IGNITE, we take great pride in providing the best customer experience in the industry. It's what sets us apart. This philosophy is our brand difference and has been the key to our success

Many induction heating systems for forging, heating shaping, hardening and welding in different regions of our country have been designed both electronically and mechanically and are currently in active use.

Induction based gold melting
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Induction melting is a process where metal is melted into liquid form in an induction furnace’s crucible. The molten metal is then poured from the crucible, usually into a cast.

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Induction forging uses induction to heat metal parts before they are shaped or ‘deformed’ by presses or hammers.

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Brazing is a materials joining process that uses a filler metal (and usually an anti-oxidizing solvent called flux) to join two pieces of close-fitting metal together without melting the base materials.

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